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Founded in November 2021, after more than 40 years involved in roles with key players in the Telecom Industry such as 3Com, GTE, Patton Electronics, Sangoma Technologies, Ingate Systems among others, we decided to become a standalone organization to offer all our skills and experience to the market.

We offer training, consulting, mentoring to work side by side with you whether it is a single case situation where deep konwledge is needed to identify the source of a problem and fix it, up to take over specific Telecom business need and build a Desing, Deploy and Manage a Telecom Infrastructure. 

Telecom Projects can be challenging; We are here to lighten load off your shoulders. We are a team of honest and positive professionals whose first priority is always the interests and needs of our clients; providing skills, business sense, and trust.

We also have formal relationships with some of the Vendors we trust to be a point of sourcing for Telecom Gear when necessary.

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We've been serving loyal customers across Americas and Europe with a great track record

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